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All vehicles registered in the state of Texas are required to undergo an annual safety inspection. The goal of the DPS in requiring inspections is to assure that every vehicle operating on Texas roadways is safe. Though some areas of Texas are also subject to ASM smog control testing, Japanese & Domestic Auto Repair OFFERS this SERVICE.


A state safety test includes a comprehensive list of items that are checked for proper operation. Tests are conducted only by mechanics trained and licensed by the State of Texas and employed by a certified state inspection station.


Tests performed on a typical passenger car include basic safety and signaling equipment, brakes, suspension system, steering, exhaust system and wheels. Tires must have sufficient tread depth according to safety standards. The seat belts must be in good condition.


All headlights, tail lights and signaling lamps should be working and without broken lenses. Bright beams should work and the dash indicator light up to alert the driver that the brights are on. The year of the vehicle determines which lamps are required, as some older models aren’t equipped with the same safety features as later model vehicles. Tinted windows will be checked for compliance according to tint depth and location of windows.


Texas drivers must possess proof of financial responsibility to drive legally on the roads. The inspector is required to check for proof of insurance on every vehicle that is inspected in order for it to pass the annual safety check.


Other classes of vehicle have different requirements. Motorcycles, pickup and panel trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and farm machinery have separate lists of inspection standards. Some have more stringent standards to pass the annual check. Several types of vehicles are exempt from the safety inspection requirement. In addition, moving permits and temporary permitted vehicles do not require inspections.